Corsair mouse not working on ps4


I am new to the PS4 and I hope to get the PS4 working like the PC with keyboard and mouse as with the controller there is just no good flying possible. I plugged my mouse and keyboard in. Mouse worked high sensitive, keyboard didn't do any thing, but it was recognized by the PS SkullBlits would know etc. I didn't have to do anything else apart from make sure the DS4 controller is powered up.

Though I only use the mouse for the menus. Keyboard I use for some of the more obscure functions and chat. I tried mouse aim control mode with that instructor thing for flying a couple of times but it didn't feel natural. Never could understand telling the plane where to go but the computer decides how it is going to get there.

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Weird if you ask me. Use the wizard to set up controls and select keyboard, you can then edit afterwards to your liking. Start your PS4 with mouse and keyboard connected. Then try them both out in your browser, write some stuff with keyboard in messages. Be sure it works. Any standard usb device should work.

I have a Logitec wireless gamer keyboard which I used beforehand on the PS3, only to type stuff and some old Logitec mouse I found in the attic wired up. Or be prepared to fiddle with settings for a long time If you use a programmable mouse then you will need to plug into a PC first and load a game profile and save it.

PlayStation 4 Discussion. Search In. Report post. Posted December 4, Thanks in advance for any help. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted December 5, Make sure to bind your keyboard keys in controls if you are going to use it for flying.

Posted December 6, Posted December 7, Doesn't matter what profile as the WT will use it's own profile when you plug back into a PS4.

Setting Up Your Peripherals for Xbox One

Note:- My mouse only works in game so be sure to test with WT running. Go To Topic Listing.Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely.

Learn More. Learn how to collaborate with Office Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a Microsoft Agent or Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an official Microsoft global customer service number. I had succesfully and without any problem installed Win10 last night, and was able to enter my Microsoft account and take a look at the new desktop and start button, but the screen resolution was off.

I looked at the resolution settings but there I wasn't able to enhance the resolution. So I did what any man would do and went to restart the PC so that the problem would magically resolve itself.

I have no idea if all of the above is any useful informaton, just providing some context. But then Windows 10 loaded, and gone were my shiny lights, together with the control. The mouse didn't work either. This resulted in me not being able to enter the password to my Microsoft account thus preventing me from entering my system. So since last night untill this morning I've been searching for fixes and tried a number of things, but there were also things I just wasn't able to do, because I do not know my way around the BIOS very well and I lacked some hardware.

I will list all below:. I also have a Corsair mouse. I sadly do not have such an imput on my motherboard. But sadly I could not find this option so I wasn't able to try this out. Note: You will have to use another computer to do so. Make sure you create the appropriate version disc, x86 or x64, depending on your current OS build. Once selecting your language, time and keyboard settings, click Next to load the next window, then click on the Repair your computer link on the bottom left corner of the window.

You should then be presented with a Choose an Option screen, with Troubleshoot as an option to select. In the Troubleshoot screen, select Advanced options. Select Automatic Repair from the Advanced options screen and then select the target operating system to repair, which would be Windows 10 in this case.

Hope this helps. If you need further assistance with Windows, let us know and will be glad to help. Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. I was already able to solve the problem so no biggie! After I disabled that and my PC booted up once more, everything worked fine! I am a Systems Manager for a midsize church that has 17 devices.

We have upgraded half of our units to Windows It had been running beautifully. I tried all the tips from the Microsoft forum as well as other web sources to no avail.This website uses cookies. If you do not wish us to set cookies on your device, please do not use the website. Please read the Square Enix cookies policy for more information. Your use of the website is also subject to the terms in the Square Enix website terms of use and privacy policy and by using the website you are accepting those terms.

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Use Keyboard and Mouse with PS4

Thread: PS4 mouse help. The issue is that my mouse doesn't work right with the PS4. The mouse I have been using for at least 4 years is a Logitech M These don't seem to register at all on the PS4.

So I'm looking to upgrade to a mouse that works. A mouse with two buttons would be ideal and the only other mice like it I can find are the Razer Deathadder or Mamba. If all else fails I will be looking into the Naga or G as I hear they both work.

How to have your corsair keyboard and mouse work for ps4 easy

In short, let me know if the Deathadder or Mamba work on the PS4. Thanks for your time. Any USB or blue tooth mouse and keyboard will work, but if they have macro keys and or specialized function keys dont expect that to work, they normally use drivers and softwares in order to map those keys, you wont be able to do that on your PS4.

I've used the steel series sensei and a cheap logitech mouse, as well as a logitech g15 keyboard and a cheap wireless keyboard came with the mouse. Best you can do is get a mouse that has a button that can change the DPI on the fly, but like I said, don't expect to make use of extra macro keys. I highly recommend both of these. Best to check PS4 specific forums since it's a PS4 issue rather than a game one. Version 1. Kulinarische Kreationen Der 3. Tags for this Thread mouse and keyboard hardware specifications ps4.

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Read times. Daywalker Member Posts: Hey XIM community! Then I see my mouse is lighting up but nothing is happening on my ps4 in game or in the PSN screen. Also my keyboard is not lighting up at all. My mouse is a RAZOR Naga which is compatible as per the list on this site My keyboard is a Razor Black widow Ultimate which i also searched up and people are saying it is compatible but with some "Ghosting" whatever that means.

So how can I get the mouse and keyboard to work?

corsair mouse not working on ps4

Thanks guys. One thing I was wondering was that my Naga lights up but it still doesnt work I dont understand why? I have no configured it fully yet but shouldn't it let me use the mouse to hover over game types or whatever the case. Secondly my keyboard the black widow has two usb connectors on it, but usually it should work with just one of the usb. Main thing is that the keyboard doesnt light up but even if it did, would it work becuase the mouse isn't? I have mouse connected to port 1 on the left and keyboard on port 2 on the right of the XIM4.

I have my ps4 controller plugged into the back port and my XIM4 cable from the back into another usb which then is connected to the ps4.


Hope that clears some stuff up. I can use the keyboard and set settings but mouse is not working. Both keyboard and mouse are plugged in and lighting up. Have you tried swapping your keyboard and mouse ports?

Also, do you have access to another mouse you can try just to have isolate the issue? Ok so the mouse started working then i went to change in game settings I had my R3 and X swapped so I set them back to default so it worked with XIM correctly. After that my mouse just stopped working. So I know the mouse is ok I did swap the keyboard and mouse ports and that didnt work at allIf this is your first time to install the latest driver of your Corsair CPU Cooler and have a problem detecting the device in your Corsair Link program.

Most of these error are coming from the latest driver uploaded in their website. The defected driver was the version 4. Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device.

A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged. Super helpful, this happens at least once every two months so i starred this article.

Thanks Erwin!

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There is not any option to disable the cpu fan in bios, only to change the profiles. In bios, the CPU fan is not detected … actualy is strange, randomly it is showing fan speed for cpu, but mostly not. The same is happining also in corsair linkmost of the time the fan is 0 rpm, which is not the case because the fan and pump i can hear them working, and some time i can see for very short time peaks of speed displayed on corsair link.

In corsair link in the device tab i can not see the cooler and can not control it. In the device managerusb driver in not installed, even i tryed to use 4.

Any advice pls? I had to have Corsair warranty my Hi V2 and when i installed the new one it now wont show up in corsair link.

I have followed your instructions but it still does not show up. I did everything mentioned here but I still have the problem. I have the H CPU cooler, which is not on the list. Usually, when you install this driver — it will pop up an error message: Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device.

How to Fix this Driver problem? Right click on it and press uninstall, make sure to check Delete the driver software for this device. Once the driver is uninstalled. We need to uninstall the Corsair Link.

corsair mouse not working on ps4

Then just install the old driver 4. After that you can also install the latest version 4. FAQs Should my new build automatically detect corsair link? It should automatically install the driver once it is connected with your motherboard. Well, you're not alone! Usually, when you install this driver - it will pop up an error message: Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device.

Erwin Bantilan. Comments Super helpful, this happens at least once every two months so i starred this article. Thanks for posting this.We recently announced compatibility for a wide selection of our peripherals with the Xbox One as an Xbox licensed hardware partner. Bringing the same high-performance gaming experience that you enjoy on your PC to the Xbox One.

While you can simply plug and play your mouse and keyboard into your Xbox One, we recommend configuring your peripherals on a PC with our iCUE software. In games that recently added mouse and keyboard support, you may experience some input latency as the developers fine-tune peripheral support, so the below steps will help ensure the best gaming experience.

Install iCUE from corsair.

How to Fix Corsair Link Undetected Devices (Unverified Digital Signature Driver)

Note: This is recommended especially for mice to reduce visible lag in certain games. Connecting a set of wired peripherals to the Xbox One is simple.

corsair mouse not working on ps4

Ensure that both peripherals are in 2. For more information, check out our blog on getting the best wireless performance. Going wireless allows for more flexibility, letting you clear your desk of unnecessary cable clutter, or allowing you to take advantage of our K63 Wireless gaming lapboard accessory.

For more information, please make sure to check out our detailed compatibility list. Happy gaming! Google Chrome. Mozilla Firefox. By Chris Stolze, on November 20, Getting Started While you can simply plug and play your mouse and keyboard into your Xbox One, we recommend configuring your peripherals on a PC with our iCUE software. Go to the settings panel and click the device you wish to modify for Xbox One 3.

Going Wired Connecting a set of wired peripherals to the Xbox One is simple. Game On! Tags: compatibility headset icue keyboard lapboard mouse setup wireless xbox xbox one. Website optional. Facebook Newsfeed. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy - Terms of Use.Hi guys.

corsair mouse not working on ps4

I am playing War Thunder on my PS4 using keyboard and mouse. I bought this week though a gaming keyboard just for playing WT on PS4 which unfortunately is not recognized by the PS4.

I contacted the company, and they told me that it is incompatible indeed. Anw, I didn't pay that much, but the keyboard is totally useless for me now. I also have another keyboard at home which is recognized by the PS4 can navigate in the menubut not by WT. I really want to get a new gaming keyboard but I won't buy another if I am not sure that it is going to work.

So that's why I am opening this threat. So, if you have tried a keyboard that works with WT on PS4 please post it here and I will update the list. You can also confirm that a keyboard posted by another user works or say if you have problems with it. Also if it happens to have a keyboard at home, if you don't mind, you can try it with WT and say if it works.

Finally, if you have some info why some keyboards work with PS4 or War Thunder and some don't, please share. This is the Bluetooth keyboard I use. The Apple has never failed me. I am thinking of getting the number pad below for more versatility! This keyboard has been dropped, launched from Lap, stepped on, survived multiple spills of tea, and it is certified Cat comfort approved! I also used it for when I watch replays and used to have manual engine controls in it too.

Just got it today so I can't give an overall score yet but it works in game to bring up the chat box and to type messages perfect. I haven't tried to bind anything other than chatting to it yet. I use a Logitech K for chat. Bluetooth pairing was simple and I haven't had any issues with it. They gotta be at least years old, but all work fine with the PS4, though I don't know how well they work with WT specifically.

The only time I've tried it was in conjunction with a mouse. I use the Deltaco Rev5 TB wireless. I use it to chat, and it worked fine from day 1. You can pair almost any Logitech mouse with the dongle but the PS4 will only recognize a few buttons. I only tried planes but I will try it in tanks too. I'm still with DS4 with my custom setting and I do better than most mouse aimers, I wish I had multiple control presets cause it takes half an hour to set it again after trying a keyboard and mouse.

Can confirm that all three work as long as the PS4 controller is turned on the whole time. The only mouse issue that arises is a PS4 issue where it doesn't allow you to be as precise as you would like. Search In. Report post. Posted April 5, edited.