How to print game covers


I am a huge proponent of uniformity in my game cases as well. I bought the majority of my 8 and 16 bit carts loose, and have made great use of the cover project.

Even still, the different colored cases for the Genesis drive me crazy! I even though of photoshopping new covers for the red boxes to make them have black grids like the old boxes.

Then I realized how much time this would take and backed down. I also hate the giant jewel cases for SCD as well. Anyone want to buy a nice case for Android Assault? The different Genesis cases don't bother me as much. I usually only print those covers when I'm trying to replace the original art that was damaged, like with Exile.

I do however keep my Sega CD DVD cases uniform rather than use the brightly colored cardboard box look for certain games. I only need the instructions for Android Assault. Would you by chance be willing to part with just the booklet? I followed your instructions just before Xmas and I went to Staples this afternoon 3 days later and the covers were ready for me. I hadn't even spoken to anyone at the store when ordering the covers. So, needless to say, I assumed I would walk in and 1st, the covers wouldn't have been made, BUT, not at all, everything was ready and I went home and trimmed down the 1st cover and slid it into its DVD case, and it looked amazing!

I chose to only do about 12 covers, in the event I had an issue, but now I can go ahead and upload a ton of covers and just have them waiting for me. Thanks so much! Wow, thanks for sharing your success story. Glad I could help. You can reach me at flywheels at yahoo. Do you know what dimension would be for a nintendo switch cover and bluray cases.

I don't have those dimensions, but I'm sure they could easily be found if you performed a Google search or you could try the forums over at the Cover project's website. Friday, January 22, A guide to printing custom video game covers at Staples.

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Any type of collector will at one point or another face that issue of simply running out of space. One way I've found to save some space, and give me something fun to work on is making custom cases for certain game platforms.One of the best parts of buying or collecting videogames physically is to look at their incredible box art covers.

Very few can deny the satisfaction of holding the physical box or cart in their hands. Digital games are all well and good and there are some really great indie games as well. With a few spare game cases and a computer, you can make up your own alternate Switch box art covers. Firstly, there are a number of box art covers or alternate box art covers readily available. Below are some links that will take you to the download pages of each alternate cover art.

As regards to the My Nintendo website, some rewards are not available in certain regions. Aside from the official alternate Switch box art covers, some folks have even created their own unofficial box art to help fill out their collections. Media site Kotaku has rounded up a number of eShop title box arts that you can download the images of.

We shall explain how to do this in a moment. If you are feeling adventurous, you can make up your own cover art for your Switch game cases. We have a few helpful tips you may find useful. Bear in mind that there are probably easier ways to do create and print your own box art.

If you know your way around Photoshopyou can use the. PSD file on this Reddit thread. A Switch box art. This is just one way to make your own alternate Switch box art covers. Whether you choose to download the official alternate art or create your own is up to you. If you do decide to make your own using our guide, be sure to tag us on Twitter with miketendo64 and the hashtag SwitchBoxArt.

We may even follow up this guide with a gallery of your own creations. Found some nice PSD files if you have Photoshop access. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.Ever lost your Xbox game case? Do you miss that pretty case artwork, lovely marketing jargon on the back, and wordy warnings?

Don't worry, CDcovers is here to save the day! CDcovers offers downloadable box artwork for some Xbox games for you to print, cut, and put back into an empty game case.

And if you are the artsy type, you could theoretically print off a bunch of cover artwork and make a collage. Fire up your printer, you've got work to do. Buyer's Guide. Log in. Sign up. Lost your game case?

how to print game covers

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how to print game covers

What's New? Results 1 to 11 of Thread: Printing game covers. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Once I find the cover, what is the best kind of paper and printing method to make them look as best as they can?

I'm guessing not inkjet? I print mine on an photo quality inkjet using glossy photo paper. I've printed a few Blu Ray covers and Genesis covers that way and I haven't had anyone yet that can tell they aren't original.

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Soon I'll be starting on my Nintendo and Atari games. You can always try your local Kinkos or Staples. They have some nice color laser printers there. However, you might have a problem as a lot of them consider what you're doing as breaking the law. I'll take some good pictures tomorrow of some that I've done tomorrow.

I use just a regular inkjet and plain paper, an inexpensive option. The paper is inside the clear plastic of the DVD case so no need for glossy paper.

[Guide] Make Your Own Alternate Switch Box Art Covers

The darker PAL cover on the right is the printout. The reason I don't like the plain inkjet paper is that it's too thin and all the ink causes it to wrinkle. Also, because it soaks it up like a sponge the edges of things aren't defined as the ink saturates the paper.

It's not like photo paper is that expensive. I tried it at first and could totally tell every time I pulled it out. I couldn't stand it. Here are some high resolution examples of covers I've done. First up are some Blu Rays. The Jurassic Park trilogy doesn't come in cases. It comes in a trifold card board insert. The Matrix comes in an ugly card board case. I like my collections to be uniform. I think they look perfect and nobody can tell the difference between these and the rest of the Blu Ray and DVD covers.

Here are the games I've done so far.Going through the game of life, often times things get lost or misplaced. Your car keys? Your MP3 player?

Your homework? Dog ate it. Your DVD or video game cases? Missing as well. Let us begin:The following instructions are for Adobe Photoshop:.

Select the cover image.

How to Print DVD or Video Game Covers

If the image is sized properly, then just cancel out of this. Click Page Setup to select the correct paper size and orientation. Ensure that you have 8. Your image should now appear centered in the middle of your paper in the preview window. If you need a place to download DVD or video game covers, here are some resources that you will find very useful:. You probably have many reasons why you want to print your own video game covers.

Whatever the reason, rest assure, printing out a video game cover is just as easy as printing one for a DVD case.

Lost your game case? Print new artwork

Scan in the front, back, and side of your GBA box into 3 different images at dpi. Trim off the edges of the each of the scanned images. This is to remove any worn edges of the box. Clean up the scanned image of the side of the box as this image will be used for the spine of the cover. Shift your spine image game logo around until it looks good.

This is a subjective thing and takes a little tweaking. Front and Back length x height: px 5. Spine middle area length x height: px 0. Now that you are ready to do some heavy printing, you need the right equipment and supplies to get the job done. We have a large variety in various quantities.

With DVD case inserts, you can print your own to make you media collection as good as new! Glossy Printable Paper — Some general purpose glossy printable paper that can be used for a variety of tasks. Your email address will not be published. Search for:.As someone who has printed more than one of these off for use in my own collection, I thought it was high time to highlight the great work that's been and is being done over in this NeoGAF thread, where users are designing their own high-resolution PS3 game covers.

These haven't been focus-tested to death, and aren't covered in garish logos, product descriptions or legal warnings. They're just classy covers, fit for someone who takes their game collection seriously enough to print their own covers off. If you're worried about them standing out when slid onto the shelf, don't sweat it; most of them are designed to keep the overall format of a PS3 cover, so the platform logo and spine, etc are all in the same place.

There are even somePC and DS games in there if you look hard enough. Note these versions are just for browsing; if you'd like to download the full thing, head to the link below.

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how to print game covers

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